Bodhgaya Package

Bodh Gaya tour packages are mostly opted by Buddhist pilgrims, especially from Buddhist countries in the world. Bodh Gaya is one of the four greatest places of Buddhist pilgrimage to which devout Buddhists from all over the world congregate. A large chunk of the world population following Buddhism remains motivated by the quiet force of the profound teachings of Lord Buddha. It was in Bodh Gaya that Gautam the Buddha attained enlightenment sitting under the Bodhi tree (a peepal tree). The Bodhi tree which is still there is said to be the direct descendant of the original tree. The Bodhi tree (ficus religiosa) is an existing sacred tree to which offerings are made. Its religious significance of it can be understood by the fact that, even in the sculptures of the Bharhut, Sanchi, Mathura, and Amravati stupas (erected between 175 BC and 225 AD), the Bodhi tree is shown surrounded by a two- or three-storied gallery for worship. The Mahabodhi Temple, called in ancient times Bodhimanda-vihar in the then prevalent Pali language, is the prime place of importance here.

Bodh Gaya tours, many times, happen to be a part of longer duration Buddhist tour packages comprising several historical and religious places like Sarnath / Varanasi, Kushinagar, Lumbini, Rajgir, Nalanda, etc. Visiting temples and monasteries in Bodh Gaya instills a tourist/pilgrim with serene and spiritual feelings.

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